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Our Lady of Sorrows September 15th

Saints Feast Days in September


1. Saint Giles, 2. Saint Stephen, King, 3. Saint Seraphia

4. Saint Rosalia, 5. Saint Laurence Justinian, 6. Saint Eleutherius

7. Saint Cloud, Confessor, 8. The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

9. Saint Omer, 9. Saint Peter Claver, 10. Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

11. Saint Paphnutius, Bishop, 12. Saint Guy of Anderlecht

13. Saint Eulogius, 14. The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

15. Saint Catherine of Genoa, 16. Saint Cyprian, 17. Saint Lambert

18. Saint Thomas of Villanova, 19. Saint Januarius, Martyr

20. Saints Eustachius, 21. Saint Matthew, 22. The Theban Legion

23. Saint Thecla, 24. The Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy

25. Saint Firmin, 26. Saints Cyprian and Justina

27. Saints Cosmas and Damian, 28. Saint Wenceslas

29. Saint Michael, Archangel, 30. Saint Jerome

Devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady has its roots in Sacred Scripture and in Christian piety, which always associates the Blessed Mother with her suffering Son. Today's feast was introduced by the Servites in order to intensify devotion to Our Lady's Sorrows. In 1817 Pius VII suffering grievously in exile but finally liberated by Mary's intercession extended the feast to the universal Church.