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Legion of Mary Handbook
Page 134, Chapter 22

The Prayers of the Legion

Concluding Prayer

Confer, O Lord, on us, Who serve beneath the standard of Mary, That fullness of faith in you and trust in her, To which it is given to conquer the world. Grant us a lively faith, animated by charity, Which will enable us to perform all our actions From the motive of pure love of you, And ever to see you and serve you in our neighbour; A faith, firm and immovable as a rock, Through which we shall rest tranquil and steadfast Amid the crosses, toils and disappointments of life; A courageous faith which will inspire us To undertake and carry out without hesitation Great things for your glory and for the salvation of souls; A faith which will be our Legion’s Pillar of Fire — To lead us forth united — To kindle everywhere the fires of divine love— To enlighten those who are in darkness and in the shadow of death— To inflame those who are lukewarm— To bring back life to those who are dead in sin; And which will guide our own feet in the way of peace; So that — the battle of life over — Our Legion may reassemble, Without the loss of any one, In the kingdom of your love and glory. Amen. May the souls of our departed legionaries And the souls of all the faithful departed Through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen. [Then follows immediately the blessing of the priest; or if no priest be present: — In the name of the Father, etc.]

“Mary’s faith surpassed that of all men and all angels. She saw her Son in the stable at Bethlehem and she believed that he was the Creator of the world. She saw him fly from Herod and she never wavered in her faith that he was the King of kings. She saw him born, and believed him eternal. She saw him poor and without even the elemental necessities, and nevertheless she believed him to be the Master of the universe. She saw him lying on straw, and her faith told her that he was the All powerful One. She saw that he spoke not a word, yet she believed that he was the eternal Wisdom itself. She heard him cry and she believed that he was the joy of Paradise. And in the end she saw him dying, exposed to all manner of insult, affixed to a cross, and though the faith of all others was shaken, yet Mary persevered in her unhesitating belief that he was God.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori) [This quotation does not form part of the Legion prayers.]


By Fr. Vincent Vuong-Quoc Nguyen

Houston Senatus Spiritual Director

Mary on the road to Calvary was with her son, suffering is silence

St. Simeon told her “Her heart would be pierced”. We can suffer alone or with Jesus in comforting our sister and brothers who are suffering in nursing homes and hospitals. Mary’s heart was filled with grace. When we call on Her we receive the victory as She crushed the serpent’s head. Honor Mary because she is the Mother of God. We will receive the rewards of eternal life. We profess our entire life to Mary and She will teach us how to suffer patiently when things go wrong in an imperfect World. If you live with her in mind you will find the strength to persevere.