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Legion of Mary Handbook

Page 307, Chapter 39


35. VIRGO PRAEDICANDA: THE VIRGIN MUST BE BROUGHT AND TAUGHT TO ALL MEN, FOR SHE IS THEIR MOTHER A theme dear to Pope Leo XIII was that Mary is the Mother of all people, and that God has implanted the germ of love for her in every heart, even in those who hate her or do not know her. This germ is meant to grow, and like any capacity it can be fostered by giving it proper conditions. Souls must be approached and informed as to the maternal role of Mary. The Second Vatican Council has proclaimed that universal motherhood of Mary (LG 53, 65), and has declared that she is so much the source and model of apostleship that the Church must depend on her in its efforts to save all people. (LG 65) Pope Paul VI requires that everywhere, and especially where there are many non-Catholics, the faithful shall be fully instructed in the maternal office of Mary so that they may share that treasure of knowledge. Moreover, he commends to her loving heart the entire human race that she may fulfil her mission of orientating all souls towards Christ. Finally, in order to set in a revealing light her maternal and unifying duty towards all the members of the human family, His Holiness confers on Mary the significant title: “Mother of Unity.” Therefore,  they err sadly who regard the Blessed Virgin as a barrier to conversion which should be lowered. She is the Mother of grace and unity so that, without her, souls will not find their way. Legionaries must consistently apply this principle to their efforts to convert, that is, by explaining to all what is sometimes, but incorrectly, called the legionary devotion to Mary. It is no property of the Legion which has only learned it from the Church.

“The Virgin Mary has always been proposed to the faithful by the Church as an example to be imitated not precisely in the type of life she led, and much less for the socio-cultural background in which she lived and which today scarcely exists anywhere. She is held up as an example to the faithful rather for the way in which, in her own particular life, she fully and responsibly accepted the will of God (cf Lk 1:38), because she heard the word of God and acted on it and because charity and a spirit of service were the driving force of her actions. She is worthy of imitation because she was the first and the most perfect of Christ’s disciples. All of this has a permanent and universal exemplary value.” (MCul 35)


By Fr. Vincent Vuong-Quoc Nguyen

Houston Senatus Spiritual Director

 Fr. Vincent started off mentioning MIGI ( I am Made In God’s Image). Mary is the Mother of Unity. As we begin the celebration to our Mother in Fatima, Portugal 100 years anniversary, where she communicates simply to her children. She is the most powerful woman in the universe. The rosary is a powerful tool she gives us to defeat evil. The germ of love is meant to grow, but we need to supply a pure heart for love to grow in us and though out the World through the Language of love. In May we need to reflect on Fatima and spread the love to all.